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5 Bad Habits Of Employees That Could Ruin The Success Of An Organization

CTO: Carl we need to optimize our UI/UX design.

Carl: Ok…..

CTO: So I need you to get it done!

Carl: Yes sir! Right away….

Following days after

CTO: Carl are you done updating the UI/UX?

Carl: N…o Y.e…s sir still working on it..

Following days after

CTO: you are done with the work right??

Carl:…still on it sir!

Does this sound like someone or an employee you know in your organization?

FIRE him/her.

Simple silly!

Take it or leave it, team members play a vital role in a company/organization

Fact: without the team’s in Google or Apple or Walmart and so on! There wouldn’t be any of these companies you find so big today thriving in the world.

Why do you think GOD created us in the first place? One of the reasons is so that we could be of help to each other! (gift)

So prioritize your workers!

But what happens when you have a clumsy member/worker/employee on your team?

Heck! That would be a “shipwreck” simply said.

So how do you avoid workers, employees, or team members like this?

Read till the very end!

If you find these 5 major traits in your team members, workers, and employees fire/disqualify them immediately!

5 major traits a worker should not possess:


This simply means “lateness” and in this case, it means coming late to work!

Coming late to work can jeopardize a business system!

If you are a CEO this trait could ruin your business!

Imagine this! You run a saas(software as service) company! And you’ve got a lot of teams on board, teams like:

  • The Ui/Ux Team
  • The Security Team
  • The R&D Team
  • Customer Support Team 

And so on!

And roughly 69% of your team members report to work late due to one reason or the other! How do you think your saas company would grow?

Of course, it wouldn’t and at the end of the road it leads your company to bankruptcy or maybe an “unredeemable bankruptcy” 

Heavy traffic on the road could cause a worker to come late, but the road isn’t gonna be jammed always!

All I am trying to say is that you should know the difference between a punctual worker and a “late-comer”

This trait is harmful to an organization’s health! Fire those with this trait. 


Hmmm! How well organized are they?

Do they seem composed? Or do they look well written?

I think many people skip this part of surveillance.

“By their fruit, you shall know them” isn’t that what the Bible says?

Let’s get more basic! 

How often do they follow your organization’s rules?

How neat are they?

How do they dress?

How punctual are they? (discussed above👆)

Do a thorough check to see if they fit the criteria of the word “organized” if they don’t! It means they aren’t fit to work.

Let’s get this down with an example:

Say, for instance, one of your business associates is visiting your company, but when he got to your reception to his biggest surprise your reception had been turned into a marketplace!

What impression did you think your employees had given your associate then? 

The answer to this question is what we call a “sense of doubt” yeah don’t be surprised 😮! Your employees had just welcomed your associate with a glamouring sense of doubt❓

This trait alone could jeopardize business affiliations and connections! 

Lack of enthusiasm:

What? Really? Wait!

Let’s be personal! 

Do you feel eager whenever you wanna eat? Maybe yes or maybe no!

But for me, I feel eager to eat.

If your worker or employee does not feel enthusiastic to work, surely your business health is at stake! Why? That’s because when you don’t feel eager to work it leads to procrastination and procrastinating leads to forgetting.

The word “enthusiasm ” simply means showing keen interest in something or a feeling of excitement, being enthusiastic leads to productivity,

But If your employees don’t possess the feelings to work but rather they feel reluctant it’s gonna cause a lot of setbacks in your business. 

In addition, workers should always be enthusiastic about working, just like we feel the interest to eat, when someone doesn’t eat we all know the result is “hunger” or “starvation” likewise you as a company or organization when your workers feel reluctant to tend to day by day business activities, your company would incur losses.

Affairs in the workplace:

Save the best for the last! Dating or coupling in a workplace makes employees less productive, love can be mysterious (you know that, don’t you?). When two lovers or couples work together in the same workplace, they absolutely won’t focus on their assigned duties! (That’s the gospel truth!) 

I am not saying employees can’t love or shouldn’t love each other(after all God is love) but employees in the same workplace shouldn’t have affairs in the same company, instead of thinking about how to accomplish a designed or slated objective, they would rather be fantasizing about each other in their minds!

So I feel it’s risky.

Lack Of Cooperation/Coordination

What’s called teamwork? The term “teamwork” won’t be coined out if there wasn’t a term like “cooperation”

Teamwork simply means working as a team(cooperation in-between) to achieve an objective!

That means without cooperation there won’t be effective teamwork! 

If employees within the same organization lack cooperation that would really affect the growth and success of the organization!

Let’s say, for example, I am your teammate, and we both aren’t on good terms and we are both given work to do! What do you think would happen to the work given to us?

Are we both going to do it or not?

Wait don’t guess wrong! Of course, we are gonna do the work, but what would happen to that work??  Simply said the work given to us would be a mess! Why?? It’s simply because we didn’t attend to our assignment in cooperation!

But with effective cooperation, the work given to us would have been a success.

That said, if your employees have these traits it’s really gonna ruin the company’s success!

Why? That is because without teamwork no task can be effectively done!

Google is a tech company and almost everyone in the world use Google, according to wired, google has 2 billion lines of codes(Google and all its apps[YouTube, Gmail, etc!])

Without effective teamwork, Google won’t be where it is today!

If employees of lack coordination and cooperation the company’s health is at stake!

Conclusion: some businesses go bankrupt not because they don’t have a pile of stocks or cash in their hands or at banks, but because they have the wrong people and not the right people in place.

To avoid bankruptcy, incurring losses, and more, fire the wrong team and keep the right ones!

Thanks for reading.

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