Success is yours at all cost!

The Ultimate Guide To Becoming Successful In Life

Success, success, success!

Everyone wants to become successful(I mean who doesn’t?)

President Joe Biden is in a leadership position because he wants success, 

Bill Gates is in that billionaire ark because he pursued success, it simply means everyone in life wants to be successful!

Every day you keep searching the web on “how to be successful” and you keep seeing confusing stuff, you don’t just get it!

If you landed on this page today, your life is never gonna remain the same no more, why is that? That’s simply because you got what you came for, 

Do you want to become successful? Then this is your chance!

Do you believe this(comment yes in the box below)?

Do you not(change your mind, or click the back button) no offense?

So in this post, you will learn everything you need to know to start realizing success in your life!

Are you ready?

Let’s go!

First of all! Let’s share with you the misconceptions about success!

There are lots of misconceptions about success, but this is the most believe conception of success!

Success Is Money!

Even you believe in that! Success will never be money, many people believe once you have money you are good to go in life, but the fact is, go ask bill gates what it feels like to have money, 

Having money is not success, so if your mindset is so filled with the myths of having money is success, then you should have money first!

Success Is Fame!

Many people are so engrossed with this, having fame is nothing near success, go and simply ask Kim Kardashian what it feels like to be famous, lay off your mind from such a nightmare! Success if fame?? Trust me that’s a nightmare!

Done with misconceptions! Now, what is success?

Nope! Missed something, we are coming back on this👆👆(what is success?)!

But first, what is success in the wrong way!

“Success is defined as the state of achieving prosperity or fame!”

This definition of success to most successful people is what they smirk at!

But when they weren’t rich or famous(then) they were so happy at the definition!

That’s not the definition of success, that’s simply going to mislead you, and this is why there are so many unsuccessful people!

When you go after the wrong thief, you miss the right thief!

What is success?

Success simply means the state of achieving a thing or more that gives you LIFE!

Tell us TheSuccesso Reader, what more is success rather than this!

  1. Love 
  2. Joy
  3. Peace
  4. Patience
  5. Goodness
  6. Kindness
  7. Faithfulness
  8. Gentleness 
  9. Self-control!

What could be a success if not this?

Mention any of your favorite famous figures who have all these things listed above?

You won’t find one, and if there is any, they are few!

This post is an in-depth guide to becoming successful!

You can’t call yourself successful if you don’t have this, let’s take real-life examples with that stuff listed above!



If there is love between Russia and Ukraine, trust me they won’t be on their way to exchanging assaults!



Some of us wouldn’t be depressed if they were active joy present in our situation!



Insecurity won’t be an issue if there was peace on planet Earth!



Some people would have been in a great place today if they had patience!



Money, clothes, houses, jobs won’t be a problem for most people in the world if they encountered goodness



Lots of people, won’t be on the streets begging for alms, if rich are kind enough, girls/ladies/women, children won’t be facing trafficking if many were kind enough!



Many famous figure marriages have been crushed because one of the two parties is unfaithful!



There are lots of people behind the bars, most of them won’t be there today if we’re gentle!



Due to anger, lots of lives have been lost, getting angry is a common thing among people, (I mean who doesn’t get annoyed😠) but it becomes dangerous when we can’t control it!

So how many of your favorite celebs fit in all these 9 categories, I think most of them fit category 5 (goodness), they have a lot of material stuff!

A company can’t be complete without its CEO, likewise the team members, 

you can’t do without food, don’t forget we can’t live without water also!

Success is fitting well in all those categories listed above!

Now you know what success means perfectly, so let’s talk about how you can achieve success!

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How To Become Successful In Life?

Become successful, this is the step-by-step process! 

Quick Question: Do you believe that you could be successful?

Seriously, it’s a nightmare to some people, maybe (many) why? That’s because they don’t believe they can!

Get what most people don’t:

When I was a kid, I always said I wanted to be successful, when I grew up a little bit I started looking into careers(suitable + profitable) and I saw!

I wanted to:

  • Become a civil engineer 
  • Become a musician!

All by myself!!

And I got this gut within me that if I actually became a civil engineer, I would never have that 9 stuff listed above, likewise being a musician too.

Don’t forget, 

Success is 9(nine)_TheSuccesso

So what happened, how did I become successful?

I remembered what most people don’t!

What did I remember? 

I remembered and I understood that a robot couldn’t work without the one who coupled, and coded it! 

I also remembered that Google API wouldn’t work with ahrefs keyword research tool! if google didn’t authorize it!

So what do these parables mean?

It simply means I remembered that is who someone created and put me in this world!

Who is this PERSON?


So what does this mean? This simply means if you affirm that those 9 stuff listed above is what is called success, then you need to know and acknowledge the ONE who created you!

So if you are an atheist, and you really want success you need to know and believe in God!

TheSuccesso Reader: are you saying I can’t become successful without God?

Of course, you can, Elon Musk is a billionaire with hefty worth and valuation, but what?? He’s an atheist, which means he doesn’t believe In God or he doesn’t agree with God’s existence!

But he’s got a lot of money, house, and material stuff! 

Those aren’t successes! Success is nine!

  • Love will save you from hatred 
  • Joy will save you from being sad or depressed
  • Peace will save you from war or dissolutions
  • Patience will help you from rashness
  • Goodness will save you from poverty
  • Kindness will save you from unfair treatment 
  • Faithfulness will save you from being unloyal
  • Gentleness will save you from stubbornness
  • Self-control will save you from regrets and rashness!

1/9 ain’t success! 

So who is God, if you don’t know, God is the creator of the universe, the beautiful plants, scenery, and everything about the universe that gives you awe is all created by God! And we are part of the creation!

God created both man(Adam) and woman(Eve), read the full story here! 

The whole earth was covered with sin, people slept and woke in sin, God wanted to prevent everyone on earth from facing eternal wrath(death) so he sent his only begotten son, 

Which is The Lord Jesus Christ, The Lord came and he died for our sin!

This is basically what happened: after all God went through so that the world could be saved, the whole world rejected His Only Begotten Son(Lord Jesus Christ)!

If you really want all this “nine” not just the goodness (money, fame, etc) you need to accept Christ as your personal Lord and Savior!

How To?

Say, Lord Jesus, I come before you today, I confess all my sins, please Lord forgive me and cleanse me with your Righteous, Precious Blood, that I may be saved Thank You, Lord! Amen!

The greatest key to success is knowing GOD And believing in His Only Begotten Son.

Now you have gotten what most people don’t, let’s move to the next step!

Narrow Down Your Mind, Go For Nine Not One:

People make their choices, but trust me we all make the wrong ones, do you wanna be successful in one area or all areas? Be clear!

Success is not one, success is nine!

Kim Kardashian is successful, just in only one area or aspect of her life, why is it like that? Is it because her choice was to really become successful in just an area?

Nope, it is like that because of her mentality, most people believe money and fame are success but the fact is money, fame, jets, are 1 over 9 1/9, for you to become successful, you need to have nine!

Narrow down your mind, what do you really want? Goodness(money, etc…) or all nine?

PS: Speaking of goodness, God’s goodness or devil’s goodness??

God’s Plan for your life is to have all those nine things which are called the fruit of the spirit!

The Lord Jesus suffered for your sake so that you could have all nine!

Do you want to be successful financially?

Do you want to be successful in your relationship?

Do you want to be successful in your academics?

The list goes on and on and on! 

Don’t pick one fruit, pick nine!

Don’t settle with just an apple!

Settle with

  • Grape
  • Banana
  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Watermelon
  • Avocado
  • Mango
  • Blueberries

Once you know this you make yourself ready for success!

Change The Way You Think:

Are you a good thinker or a bad thinker?

Does your mind and heart hoard negativity or positivity?

These are the nice questions you need to ask yourself, to become a successful person your mind needs to be aligned with success and also for success!

Success is not easy, right?

9.9/10 would say yes without leaving seconds behind!

But why does it seem like it’s easy for some people? Is it because success was very easy to achieve?? 

Nope! They went after what was not easy! And that’s what makes them successful!

What do you think?

 If someone told you 100 years ago that there would be stuff that could convey people from one destination to another by air, what would you have said?

  • No?
  •   Or
  • Yes, it could be possible??

The plain fact your mindset determines your lifeset_thesuccesso

Don’t be one of the absurd thinkers, instead be a positive or smart thinker,

Don’t see stuff from one point or one angle see stuff from several angles

Rome wasn’t built in a day is what many people say, absurd thinkers would use this quote to become lazy,

But a positive thinker would reply, “don’t forget, Rome didn’t take a lifetime to be built”!

This is what you should think! If you are someone whose mindset is fixed success might seem hard,

Why is that? 

That is because to be successful you need a growth mindset, you need to learn and adapt to new stuff, but if your mindset is fixated on a thing, how in the world can you learn other stuff?

For example, don’t think writing 2000 words long blog post is all you need to do to get people to engage with your content instead, think of other stuff too(e.g, adding images).

Create/Choose Your Route/Mode:

The Bible says an idle hand is the devil’s workshop!

Can you become successful without creating/choosing a path? 

Of course, it’s a NO!

Many people would ask this question:

“if the great key to success is God, why can’t I become successful without working or why can’t God make me successful automatically”?

This is where many people miss it, get this straight! 

God created this world within 7days, right?

Then why didn’t he create it(this world) in just a day? 

He is the Almighty God full Of Glory and Power, so why couldn’t he create the world in just a day? (This is a mystery!)

If it took God 7days to create this world, then why shouldn’t you work?

If you really wanna be successful, you need to either choose a path or if you can’t, create one!

You can’t fight an enemy if you don’t know who the enemy is?

You can’t make $100,000 every month if you don’t have the Determinants!

Every successful person should have his or her chosen route or path? 

Now you have seen the steps listed above, most important step 1!

Now is the time for you to take a bold step,

PS: if you wanna be successful in all areas of your life, you need to have nine not one(don’t forget that!)

Choosing or creating a route simply means boarding a ship that takes you from Los Angeles to Switzerland!

If you wanna travel you need to either fly by air, navigate the sea, or drive!

The end goal is traveling, but the route is either flying by air, navigating the sea, or driving on road!

There must surely be a route! 

So now TheSuccesso Reader ask yourself, what’s your route to making sure you have success(9) 

Let’s make it more personal!

Face a mirror and speak to yourself!

“(Your name) what’s my route to making sure I have the success I crave for?”

If you wanna be successful financially(goodness), then you should choose a career or create a career!

Choose a path: you might wanna be a civil engineer

Create a path: you might wanna have a construction company.

Do you get the basic idea?

If you wanna be successful in your relationship then you should:

Choose a path: be loyal, be loving, be caring

Create a path: develop your methods!

That’s it, you get what I am trying to paint here? 

Creating or choosing a path simply means, creating or choosing a mode of transportation that takes you to your destination!

For example: 

Warren Buffet is a billionaire, but he didn’t just become a billionaire by sleeping on a couch with AC on, he did so by making a career path for himself!

If my goal is to make $10m annually, then I already chose a path by starting a blog(TheSuccesso).

This is 👆 what I mean by creating or choosing a path!

Be Led, Be Persistent, Be Consistent:

This is one of the greatest pieces of advice you will never find anywhere outside TheSuccesso and TheThrives, thriving hard is what makes success hard, if thriving was as easy as reciting A-Z no one would ever dare to call success or Life hard!

If you cited a text far above that says

“If you landed on this page today, your life is never gonna remain the same no more, why is that? That’s simply because you got what you came for”


This text was purposely written, why is that? That’s simply because some of you reading this post might have really felt like me before!

What feeling? 

The feeling of nothing works!

I was also like that, I read a bunch of texts, blogs, books speaking about success and there was no actionable tip or technique that could satisfy my hunger for becoming successful!

So at some point, I was tired, why? That’s because nothing worked! Not until I developed this £1B strategy!

We don’t want you to also feel that way that’s why we are giving out our £1B strategies away for free!

✓The first strategy

Be Led: What does this mean? This might not mean much to you, but actually, this is the brain that makes all the strategies work!

What’s be Led!

As we said before far above, the greatest key to success is to love God!

If you don’t wanna remain the same even after this post, you need to listen and make use of this £1B strategy!

Being led simply means receiving and following guides or steps from God!

If you have an existing business or you wanna dive into business after now, don’t believe you can do it, instead believe God can help you do it, believe he can help you achieve all you want for your business!

Being led simply means receiving guides and following instructions from God by The HolySpirit, 

Real quick: HolySpirit is the Spirit Of The Living God!

This is the strategy that broke me out of the hound of I am tired, nothing is working.

Always ask God what to do in your life, relationship, business, and everything and anything that has to deal with your life, always ask Him what to do and The HolySpirit would always tell you what to do!

How can you receive guidance from God, first of all, you need to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, and TheHolySpirt will come upon you.

How to do that?

“Say Lord Jesus, I come before you today, I confess all my sins, please Lord forgive me and cleanse me with your Righteous, Precious Blood, that I may be saved Thank You Lord! Amen”


✓Supporting strategy

Be Persistent: Persistent in two words simply means “never-ceasing”!

This also means “never stopping”, don’t be part of those who never want to face the pain in doing something, 

Most people who never set and define goals are the ones who stop at either the beginning or the middle of the road!

For example, let’s say you set a goal which is to join the US Navy Seal Team, you are gonna have to pass through what’s called👇:

Imagine the pain you would have to go through before you become a part of the seal team?

If you arent a persistent type of person you would be part of the 75% of the seal team candidates that don’t make it through the hell week!

But If you have an oozing raging personality of being persistent when you set a goal, you would be part of the 25% that makes it through the hell week!

So what do you say? Do you love the 75% better? or the 25%?

Me?? I would ace the %25

✓Supporting strategy

Be Consistent: Consistent in two words simply means “keep doing” 

Life doesn’t come in a platter of Gold neither do success! If you want it you have to go for it! 

If you are a girl who loves a handsome guy or a guy who loves a beautiful damsel, you need to tell them and show affection,

That’s just how it works, if you are doing anything and the stuff ain’t blooming, don’t worry keep doing it!

If you have a blog and it’s isn’t getting traffic or generating revenue don’t forsake nor leave it, keep blogging, you need grit, determination, and patience for these supporting strategies.


Don’t forget to make use of this £1B strategy, most importantly the first strategy! That’s how to always hope in what you do! Why? That’s because God will always be with you.

Thanks for reading, if you made it to this point, high five 🖐️, after this, we are confident that your life would advance further than before!

let us ponder together in the comment below! Let’s connect more follow TheSuccesso on our social channels.

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