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You Might Be A Villain, Who Knows?

Ever watched the CW series “The Flash”? Seriously, I loved that movie, what made it all interesting was that:

  • If there’s a Barry Alen, then the would-be a Zoom
  • If there’s Barry Allen, then there would be Savitar
  • If there’s Barry Allen, then there would be Eobard Thawne

All this sums up to just a thing! Barry is an actor, Eobard(Dr, Wells), Zoom, Savitar, etc are villains or supervillains.

So therefore the best question you need to ask yourself is:

  • Are you a villain or supervillain in your own life or those around you?
  • Or
  • Are you an actor in your own life and those around you?

More than often, we want to be a good person, we would like to be nice, we don’t wanna hate on our friends or the people around us!

But the sad fact is, we can’t just do that!

Why? That’s because there’s this form or a character in us that states

” I am a villain, no in fact I am a supervillain” 

I wanna ask you a question:

  • When was the last time you stopped keeping malice?
  • Your relationship with someone got broken up, do you still hate that person?
  • Do you still hate your parents?
  • Do you still hate that guy or girl that is smarter than you in class?

Roughly 90% of those who read this, would fall into one of those categories listed above!/

Why? That’s because you are a villain(no offense).

Hey Beautiful/Handsome, 

 Here are 3 signs that shows you might be a villain:

1. You Get Annoyed When Something Good Happens To Someone, But Not You:

Wait, are you like this? Then that’s the  villain in you, it’s not you, it’s the villain in you

Whenever something good happens to a friend or someone around you, but not you, you should be happy for that person!

For instance: let’s say you and your friend both applied for a scholarship, but your friend got selected but not you, 

Don’t be mad, don’t be annoyed at either you or your friend.

If you are, that’s the villain wanting to take over you, curb it!!!!

Key Takeaway: always be happy for people doing well around you, celebrate with them, and don’t be mad because it wasn’t you!

2. You Are Envious Of That Person:

Wait, who doesn’t get envious? There’s no one, even Jeff Bezos is envious of Elon Musk, billionaires at that!

But you become a villain when being envious becomes a daily part of you!

Hey friend, you should not allow that villainous character to take over you, come on you are in control!

I get envious sometimes, but me being envious is not for the bad, it’s not to make anyone feel like I am envious of them and make them feel bad!

The Word Of God(Bible) says, be of good jealousy!

I can either envy you for good or be jealous of you for bad!

Don’t be jealous of someone in the bad “take”, instead be good!

An example of good envy looks like this!

” Hey Sara, I love your car, hmm how I wish I had one also, I am envious of you Sara(both smiling and happy)!

Bad envy looks exactly like this:

“Hey, Sara wow is this your car? Well it’s a nice car, but it seems like an old model,  you should have gotten a newer model, so see you later(Sara is sad)!

See the difference?

  1. Both Sara and her friend were both happy and smiling! Her friend celebrated with her heartedly, but she is jealous of her friend! (good jealousy)
  1.  Sara is the only one left alone, and what’s more? She is sad. Instead of celebrating her, her friend bad-mouthed her car, because she is envious of her getting a car! (bad jealousy)

Key Takeaway: Be envious and also be good, don’t make your jealousy move to the extreme by being annoyed or having bad jealousy, you can be jealous of anyone, but in a good way or manner.

3. You Find It Hard To Help, Even If You Have The Capacity To!

Helping or being kind is the best way you can not only help others but also help yourself!

Because The Lord Jesus Christ Gave 

The Two Greatest Commandments:

  1. Love your God with all your heart, your soul, your mind, and your strength
  2. Love your neighbor as yourself!

Hey there? What could be better than these two commandments?

Let’s take an example:


“Hey James, can you lend me about $500, I need it for my business, I would surely return it(thanks)!”


(James just received a payout from affiliate marketing of about, $10,000)

“Hey Tom, I am sorry, I don’t have money right at the moment, but I think I can help with $50!”

Hahaha($50 in $500 – $10,000)? See this? You can but you just won’t and crazy enough you don’t know why you can’t help!

If you are like that, don’t fret it’s not you, it’s the villain in you! Curb it and fix it, be nice, and be kind as God has commanded.

Key Takeaway: Always help others, no matter what, if you have the capacity to, then do it, but if you don’t have the capacity to, no offense.

Thanks for reading! Let’s turn the chatbox below red(let’s chat).

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